Trasforini Fotograf

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Trasforini Fotograf

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Trasforini Wedding Studio has its headquarters in Milan since 2000. The Studio is active in weddings and events in Siwtzerland and Italy. Spontaneous photography, elegant reports that combine the passion for the wonderful scenery that surrounds us and the intensity of a unique day, between tradition and real emotions.


Claudio Trasforini, with a twenty-year experience in the photographic industry, began his career when he decided to attend the European Institute of Design. Thanks to the professionalism achieved in these years, the professional has been chosen by some magazines and important companies to take care of the advertising image. Ilaria Trasforini, after the IED diploma and an experience in photojournalism agency, decided to follow in the footsteps, dedicating herself to international spouses and to innovative and personalized solutions for every married couple.

Offered services

We work with a close-knit team, always linked by the same style. Like our photographic images, our video production is spontaneous and natural, for dynamic videos but always characterized with a touch of elegance. The wedding albums are personalized and tailored, linked to the unique and special mood of your wedding, from the choice of materials, including plexiglass, shantung silk, canvas, wood and fine leather, to unique pieces, signed exclusively for the studio. Elegance, experience, discretion, spontaneity and dream scenarios are the mix that makes up our wedding reports.

Work method

Elegance, experience, discretion, spontaneity and dream scenarios are the mix that makes up our wedding reports. The contact with our customers is perhaps the most important part of our work. We love sharing our photographs, but in small doses and above all taking care of your privacy, so write us or better make an appointment: we will be happy to welcome you, show you our work and listen to your story!

Other services

The photography studio offers a large installation room, the possibility of making family and pre-wedding shootings, photobooths during the wedding day and the assistance of English native photographers.


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