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The wedding day is undoubtedly one of the most important in a person's life. The dress, the bouquet, the glass of water… Everything has been running smoothly! You have to see smiles, tears of emotion and children playing. But all this only becomes memorable if it is immortalized. And nothing better than images to record those pieces of happiness. It was with this awareness that Carlos Ferreira began to photograph. He was just 14 years old when he learned the art. Since then he hasn't let go of a camera. Three years later, at 17, he experimented with photographing a wedding. He loved it so much that he continued and even created a company dedicated to event photography, Profi-Fotograf Carlos Ferreira.

Carlos' history is long. He began his experience as a motorcycle photo-reporter. “I traveled all over the country, I love action and everything that has to do with the unexpected, without waiting”, he tells Zankyou, enthusiastically. But as the good action photographer that he is, Carlos couldn't keep still. He filmed and photographed, for 12 years, for the Portuguese Army, where his main mission was to cover the military exercises of live fires, theater of operations and preparation of the military for the international missions. He finished this stage, it was then that he decided to slow down the pace a little and dedicate himself to capturing images of happiness, typical of festive events. “After these crazy experiences, I chose to dedicate myself 200% to the work of social reporting, such as weddings, baptisms, birthdays and all kinds of events as well as the studio”, he recalls.

But the restless soul of this photographer did not let him “stop” for a long time. He had to do more, capture more moments and make them last forever. The important thing is that they had meaning and conveyed some message. So, in 2015, he started to go to Switzerland frequently to photograph Portuguese emigrants, allied to the work he was doing in Portugal. This situation contributed to his work being more recognized, allowing for greater dissemination of it.

Our expansion covers Portugal, Switzerland, Spain, France, England, Scotland and the Netherlands.

Recognition for Carlos' work is obvious. When the bride and groom seek him out, it is because they know that he has the special ability to record each remarkable moment, with dedication and joy. His taste for photography is obvious! And, even when he says “I love photography!”, this is no longer surprising, because the sparkle he has in his eyes, when he carries a camera or presents the final work to the newlyweds, immediately denounces his passion.

His company offers a simple, artistic, casual and always fun photography and video service. Plus, he does the typical bride and groom dating session and trash-dress. He also resorts to the use of drones. The footage is shot in 4K, the digital album is custom and wide-sized. Profi also provides a wooden box with the Pen, with all the photos and a trailer version of the big day movie and a longer one, all edited and personalized. For guests, photos are printed on the same day.

When asked about the type of reportage that characterizes the work of his company, the photographer could not be more direct: “the most fun possible, where joy and ease characterize us. Sometimes we turn to the photo-reporter,” he informs.

The concept of Profi-Fotograf Carlos Ferreira passes first of all through creativity and spontaneity, where he only has hours to start. Your way of being? This consists of having his team walk around the wedding, as if they were part of the bride and groom's families.

Despite the fact that Carlos' team has already been to many weddings, there are always moments worthy of being remembered and told: “it is difficult to choose a story among so many, but I remember once challenging the boyfriend of a young woman, who received the bride's bouquet, asking her to marry him. He asked on his knees, with a microphone in his hand and with the right to be recorded. Of course she accepted!”

For the founder of Profi-Fotograf Carlos Ferreira, a successful report is only possible if the photographer can feel the state of mind of each of the bride and groom.

To the newlyweds, the professional advises them to live their Day, with their families and friends, and save the artistic photos for the trash-dress. And if you want to contact him to bring your wedding to life, let them do it 6 to 12 months in advance.

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