At India’s invitation, you will find a team of dedicated professionals, each contributing their optimum expertise to deliver and ensure complete satisfaction of our clients. Our team of tour planners and designers, expert tour organizers and professional tour guides together with our friendly staff members, strive to give the guests an authentic and rich holiday experience. We believe that when you are discovering a foreign land, what you need is one who understands your requirements, a specialist who knows the destination, whose care and concern you can depend on – indeed a person with whom you can share your travel experience. This dedicated consultant listens to you carefully, analyses your needs and offers the complete solution. We offer a complete travel management, in other words everything from planning to execution of tours. Whether you are a large corporate client demanding custom travel services or an individual traveler looking for a weekend getaway, you will always receive our professional and personal attention.

Our services include complete travel arrangements including airline/train ticketing, hotel accommodation and car reservations. We organize tours all within your specific budget. India’s Invitation specializes in delivering for your pleasure, off the beaten track, all the little known and virtually undiscovered facts of every destination we offer you. These finer details are not often revealed to the international traveler since they do not feature in the usual standardized tour itineraries. We specialize in Special Interest & Package tours including Wildlife, Adventure and Cultural tours amongst other customized tours. Many an international traveler has been bewitched – you could be the next one. Come to India’s Invitation for a rewarding experience….


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