Creating perfect moments

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Creating perfect moments

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Perfekte Momente zu schaffen, entstand als Bedarf und Notwendigkeit, unseren Kunden einen Service zu bieten, der eine 360-Grad-Erfahrung während der Planung ihrer Traumveranstaltung bietet. Egal, ob Sie heiraten oder Ihre Geburtstagsparty planen, unser Ziel ist es, Ihre Erwartungen zu übertreffen und Ihre Träume wahr werden zu lassen, nicht nur am Tag der Veranstaltung, sondern eine unvergessliche Reise mit uns zu schaffen.

Wir glauben, dass Sie jeden Moment schätzen sollten und wir sind hier, um sicherzustellen, dass Sie das tun.

Ideen, Träume, wir hören genau auf Ihre Inspiration, verstehen Ihre Eventbedürfnisse und konzentrieren uns auf die Location, in die Sie sich verliebt haben.

Wir verfolgen wirklich das Ziel, Ihre Zeit und Ihr Budget zu optimieren, um sicherzustellen, dass wir uns daran halten.

Wir vermitteln, und vor allem gehören wir zu einem Netzwerk von vertrauenswürdigen Anbietern, mit denen wir verhandeln werden, um Ihnen den besten Deal zu verschaffen, ohne die Qualität zu opfern.

Sie engagieren uns wegen unserer Expertise, unseres Stils, unserer beruhigenden Einstellung und unseres Geschäftssinns.

Für Ihre einmalige Feier wollen Sie jemanden an der Spitze, der all diese Dinge verkörpert.


Creating perfect moments, was born from the necessity of giving to our clients a service that would provide a 360degrees experience, during the planning of their dream event, doesn’t matter if you are getting married, or planning your b-day party, our goals it’s to exceed your expectations and make your dreams come true not only at the event day but create an unforgettable journey with us.

We believe you should cherish every moment and we are here to make sure you do.

Ideas, dreams, we listen carefully to your inspiration, understanding your events needs and elevating the location you fell in love with.

We truly pursue the objective to optimize your time and your budget in order to make sure we stick to it.

We relay, and most of all we belong to a network of trusted vendors with who we will negotiate to get you the best deal without sacrificing the quality.

You’re hiring us for our expertise, style, calming attitude and business acumen.

For your once-in-a-lifetime celebration, you’ll want someone in charge who embodies all of these things.


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Meinungen zu Creating perfect moments

5 Kundenmeinungen
5 Kundenmeinungen
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Von Sara
Ich habe diesen Service für meine Hochzeit genutzt

Carolina made our special day not only to our perfect wedding day - her creativity, ideas and how she really got us made our day just indescribably beautiful and way more what we could ever dreamed of! It was such an inspiring journey (already miss her haha) and it all ended up so pure, personal and with so much heart and endless tears!!! We are still crying, thinking back of our day, and we think this says it all! She always went for the extra mile and surprised us with outstanding and super personal ideas... so you're looking for a very creative, inspiring and also funny wedding planner for this big ride? GO FOR CAROLINA!

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Von Emmylou
Ich habe diesen Service für meine Hochzeit genutzt

The best wedding planner ever! Her personality, efficiency, taste and list of amazing suppliers! She only works with the best and has amazing taste! Carolina made our wedding planning easy and fun! I felt like I was planning my wedding with my best friend :-)

What a talented and kind human! We can only recommend her! Emmylou

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Von Chiara
Ich habe diesen Service für meine Hochzeit genutzt

Whoever has not decided on a wedding planer yet needs to book Carolina right now!

Carolina was our planer for our late August wedding and we couldn't be happier to have had her by our side. The day of the wedding was absolutely perfect: thanks to her taking care of every detail we were able to enjoy the day to the fullest and not think about anything. And to be honest, this makes such a huge difference. We made the best memories of the day and we are so thankful for this!

From the first day she immediately gave us the feeling that we were in good hands and we could rely on her and she never once let us down. But not only that, planning our wedding with Carolina was also lots of fun: she is charismatic, full of ideas and full of energy! Great attention to the smallest details, perfect organization and coordination and going the extra mile for her couples are some of her many qualities. 

On top of all that, she really shares your excitement and your happiness, which is super sweet. 

Our wedding wouldn't have been the same without the help of Carolina. Thank you so much for the most incredible day!

Chiara and Rafael

P.S.: stop wasting time and contact her!!! :D

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