All my own work is based on high quality. Moreover I am not interested in price competition. I have a commitment with you to guarantee the highest quality to you. In all the services I guarantee both my presence and the one of my personal assistant. I will spend all the time necessary to your shots and all the required shots will be taken.

The service includes:

- 1 photographer (Fabrizio Oliva)

- 1 assistant

- about 12 hours availability

- no limits shots

- album 

- personalized layout created by the photographer featuring delivery of a test layout to verify it before of the definitive print.

The album editing will be realized following the timeline situations of the day with no limits, using all the material produced during the whole event. If the number of 60 pages calculated in the price list is exceeded, you will have the possibility to approve, delete or cut down them as you prefer, before printing the project.

The contract complies with the main customers associations specifications and it includes the prices of each option, so you will not get any kind of surprise.

I shoot in Italy and Switzerland, espacially in the south of Switzerland. Contact me (info at olivafabrizio com) for further information.

Besuche, buche oder kommentiere Oliva Fabrizio Photo Studio AF und gewinne bis zu 10'000 CHF

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